Protect your content
from plagiarizm
in 3 clicks
Using a blockchain-based platform
that makes authorship protection easy and cheap

Protect your content
from plagiarizm
in 3 clicks

Using a blockchain-based platform
that makes authorship protection easy and cheap
From creators to creators is a service that will take care of your content's copyright protection, detect violations and resolve any disputes.
Media are losing up to $3 bln/year due to unauthorized copying.
DataDome, 2018
By law, copyright arises at the moment of writing a text or creating an image. In reality this is not enough, copyright is poorly respected and content is constantly being stolen. Due to this companies lose traffic, money, and employees' time. That's why we came up with SharpShark.

SharpShark is designed to

Make sure you really own your content from the moment of its creation.
Get timely notifications if your content is used without your permission.
Quickly remove articles and features that violates your copyright.
Save, secure, and manage your intellectual property quickly and easily
from creators for creators

Who uses SharpShark? is a cloud service that takes care of your content. It creates evidence for copyright protection, detects violations, and helps to resolve disputes.
Writers & Journalists
- Detect plagiarism
- Prevent copyright violations
- Generate portfolio

Media companies
- Know your materials are genuine
- Really own your intellectual property
- Leave the violations detection routine to us
- Get automated tools to resolve disputes
Content Marketing agencies
- Don't let your competitors use your output
- Make sure your leads aren't taken away
- As a result, leverage lead generation costs
Existing timestamping solutions have fallen short and copyright deposits are extremely costly. SharpShark's digital timestamping service records artwork, aiming to protect creators' moral rights to their work by detecting plagiarism and copyright infringement. We believe that all makers should have full control over their creations, and are aligned with SharpShark's mission to create a fair and equitable solution for protecting intellectual property.
Kailin O'Donnell, Co-Founder and General Partner at NEM Ventures

How it works

Get SharpShark
Get full access to SharpShark Beta and invite your authors to the service.
Choose your option →
Create a proof
Before publishing, authors run their content through SharpShark, generate a digital certificate confirming their authorship, and insert a link to it into further publications. View a certificate →
From now on, we're watching your content!
All protected articles get monitored. Now, if someone republishes the article without your permission (e.g., a rewrite with no reference to your website), the service notifies you.
Pre-trial claims
In case of such an undue usage of your work, can auto-generate and send a pre-trial claim to the violator, the site host, and search engines with a request to remove the content. Or you can even use the certificate at court.

It's as simple as 1-2-3

Insert your content
Copy and paste your text and/or images in the SharpShark app.
Let us check it's novel
The system sees if this content is original and never-before-published.
Enjoy a certificate
Now your author's rights are protected in compliance with the world standards and we're watching the work.
Your rights are yours, now and forever

Digital certificate as a solid proof of authorship

According to the Berne convention, an evidence must have a timestamp, a proof of identity, and the content in an immutable form. And here you are
A short link
A shortened, easy-to-use link to the certificate.
Date and time of creation
Clear info that anyone could validate in blockchain.
A record in the NEM blockchain
Author's name + timestamp + "digital imprint" of the content. In an immutable form.
Full content in the IPFS
The content goes into the Interplanetary File System, also an immutable database.
Official, reusable, comprehensive, and unchangeable evidence
is instantly available via a simple link.

Our features

What is SharpShark capable of?
Check the novelty of texts and images
The author can only upload content that hasn't been published anywhere else by anyone. Therefore, you will be able to protect yourself from dishonest authors.
Protect content
The service generates a bulletproof certificate. Moreover, the author will always own their author's rights, but the intellectual property rights will remain the client's.
Track violations
The service checks all protected intellectual assets on a daily basis. If it finds an unauthorized publication on the Internet, the system notifies you.
Resolve disputes
You decide whether to submit a claim to the violator. If so, the system fetches contacts of the violator, the host, and search engines, then generates a pre-trial claim and sends it to them.
Online access
All features are available through a web dashboard. Generally, no need to install anything on your desktop (however, you can also install a node to own your keys).
No tech skills needed
You don't need any special technical backgroud or knowledge of blockchain to use the service. It's a powerfil machine with a simple user interface.
Team management
SharpShark corporate members get master access and invite or remove their authors, and always own the intellectual property.
Names and pen-name
An author can work under their real name, a nickname, or both. The company authorizes the name change and their identity.
Win legal disputes with SharpShark
in 164 countries
The authorship certificate is a piece of an acceptable evidence in court in all the countries of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.
Get protection

Coming soon...

SharpShark is currently learning to:
Protect and track all the popular types of content
CG art, 3D models, PDF-files, video content, audio (including podcasts), etc.
Sell intellectual property on the "meta"-market
If a third-party media outlet wants to buy your article or illustration, they can pay you and easily do so.
Add co-authors and allow version control
Don't worry about the immutability. You'll be able to create updated versions of the same document, as many as you need.
Add other ways of content monetization
We are experimenting with rewards for authors for copyright protection and for media for the number of protected assets.

Pricing: A partnership program

Help us improve our product and get a discount within a 3-month partnership program
for individual users
1 author
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Use the content protection service without restrictions and share feedback in return.
Join now
for small-to-mid companies
10 authors
10 texts per day

Test new features, try new tools, share feedback, and get 60% off.
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for large companies
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∞ texts per day

Test the network effect with us, install a blockchain node, help us check how we can reward authors and get 90% off.
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Become a partner today
The offer is valid until the end of 2020.
All programs are designed for 3 months

Pricing: Common plans

If the partnership program is not an option, feel free to choose a full-price monthly plan.
We'll go fully, openly live in 2021
for individual users
  • 1 author
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for large companies
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∞ texts per day
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Media space on SharpShark

Top industry media outlets talks about us and our copyright materials
Our team
Sasha Ivanova
CEO & Founder
Sasha is an IT-engineer by education who moved to Latin America. In 2017, she enrolled in the biggest online remote school for editors in CIS, where she got into tech writing and soon won a prize for an article about blockchain. Since then, she has gone from a blockchain startup writer to a business developer and product manager at a big company.
Valeriia Panina
Product Designer & Co-founder
Valeriia holds a BA in linguistics and a certificate in design. She managed a school for editors and designers where she met Sasha. In 2017, she became keen on the world of blockchain and soon a side gig transformed into her occupation: from a Content Designer at an analytical agency to Head of Special Projects at a large blockchain media company.
Tatiana Fuforeva
Product Owner
Tatiana graduated from the philosophy faculty but quickly got involved in business. She founded an offline project from scratch and ran it successfully for 6 years, and finally she sold it as a profitable working business. Afterwards, she moved to Chile, met Sasha and joined SharpShark. From time to time Tatiana's articles on product management get published in industry media.
Pablo Romero × ISARQ
Pablo is an electrical engineer who specialises in communications, MIT certified. For 20 years, he's been working in the fields of BIM, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science, Construction industry and high concurrency financial platforms.

Backed by
According to Cointelegraph research,
in 3 years 30% of global content
will be published on blockchain.
We're creating a framework today for this and invite you to join us — since this is what the future will be.
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