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Decentralized Protection of Texts & Images
 and Full Tokenization of Intellectual Property

Sasha Ivanova, Valeriia Panina

Published on (UTC time zone):06/25/2020 05:42:16

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SharpShark is a blockchain-powered1 timestamping service that helps to protect copyright and to transfer intellectual property.

It’s designed for creators2: writers, academics & journalists, and photographers & designers. It can already record texts and images in blockchain, as well as the author’s name, making them immune — in other words, it can timestamp, save in full and tokenize intellectual property.

Now 3 we are teaching AI to look for plagiarism 24/7, accelerating in Start-Up Chilie and refining the product to meet new European laws.

How It works

How To Prove Authorship

To prove authorship, one has to fulfill three requirements:

  1. Identify the creator;
  2. Show a trusted timestamp;
  3. Guarantee the inviolability of the work.

This is the basis of the SharpShark mechanism.

Intellectual proreprty is an example of property (economic) rights and it can be transferred.
The right to be named is an instance of non-property (moral) rights and can’t be transferred.
Together they make the authors’ rights.

Why protection of authorship is a pain

The author’s rights materialize the moment an artwork is recorded (as a paper sketch, document draft, etc.). But in real life it’s almost impossible to simultaneously prove all three aspects — i.e., that that very person created that artwork at that very moment — without taking preventive measures. That’s why it’s essential to protect the artwork from day one.

One major pitfall are the protection tools: mail timestamping isn’t reusable, copyright deposits are costly and no digital timestamping service records the case of the artwork.

SharpShark offers an instant and bulletproof solution to prove authorship: the author’s name and the form of the artwork are captured in the NEM blockchain and IPFS forever and therefore immune to changes.

Ways To Prove Authorship

  1. So, the author has an idea, which he then brings to life. From now on, the idea — in the form of an artwork — becomes the subject of copyright. And, thus, is vulnerable to theft.

  2. To protect it in advance…

    ... in a Centralized manner

    the author generally has two options:

    • mail it to themselves (to timestamp the time and form of the work);
    • make a copyright deposit.
    1... in a Decentralized manner

    the author signs up to the SharpShark service, records the artwork and generates a digital certificate.

    The certificate contains:
    • name & date of creation, recorded in the Symbol (NEM 2.0) blockchain.
    • the full artwork is recorded in the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).
  3. Now, in the event of a dispute, the author has an evidence.


    Mail timestamping isn’t reusable (the envelope needs to be sealed), and copyright deposit services are usually quite costly.


    Reusable, comprehensive and unchangeable evidence is instantly available through link.

2 Who Are the Users

Writers & Journalists
  • Detect plagiarism,
  • Prevent copyright violations,
  • Generate portfolio.
  • Establish priority of findings,
  • Prevent academic misconduct,
  • Punish plagiarizers.
Photographers, artists, designers
  • Keep track of the creation of the artworks and prove authorship of them.

Every author

Now all creators can ensure the transfer of their property (or economic rights) along with their non-property right to be named (or moral rights), since all of the data — content, copyright and timestamp — is enclosed in the token.

3Big Plans & Accomplishments

3Big Plans


  • Proof-of-Concept (ideated and prototyped).
  • Tests with Cispen, the journalists’ union.
  • Elaboration of the idea to cover images as well.
  • Certificate generation, i.e., tokenization of the intellectual property.
  • Blockchain of five nodes.


  • Customer development sessions and pitches.
  • Further design and development of the alfa-version, tests with a 30-member focus group.
  • Participation in the Start-Up Chile accelerator, preserving 100% of the equity.
  • Product is being patented on the US market.


  • Verification.
  • Anti-plagiarism and auto-disputes.
  • Auto-requests for quotations via smart-contracts.
  • Introduction to the European Parliament.

Who is behind SharpShark

Sasha Ivanova, 1
CEO & Founder

Sasha is an IT-engineer by education who moved to Latin America. In 2017 she enrolled the biggest online remote school for editors in CIS, where got into tech writing and soon won a prize for an article about blockchain. Since then she has gone from a blockchain startup writer to bizdev and product manager.

It is thanks to a community of Argentinian journalists that Sasha went where they were, with all these problems and issues — and suddenly came up with the “blue ocean” idea of rights protection.

Valeriia Panina, 2
Product Designer & Co-founder

Valeriia holds a BA in linguistics and is involved with design. She studied at and managed a school for editors/designers where she met Sasha, but in 2017 she became keen on the world of crypto. Soon a side gig transformed into full occupation: as a content designer at a fintech media outlet, managing editor at an analytical agency, and now — dedicated to SharpShark.

After a “Hey, who can tune up some raw prototype?” call in the alumni chat, Valeriia fully got on board with the project.

Also many thanks to…

Maxim Ilyahov, the head teacher of the school of editors who gave us the ticket to the profession and helped us develop our tuned mindset.
Vladimir Belyaev, a professor of law, for introducing the “concept of envelope,” after which the idea сlicked in our heads.
Dmitriy Sokolov, the most careful frontend-developer.
Yuriy Osipov, creator of the WOWcube and patent law mentor.
Pablo Romero and Eliptica, who developed the very first prototype.
Mariana Mordacovic, chairman of the Cispren Journalists Union.
Cesar Arese, Cispren’s copyright attorney.
Gilbert Gonzalez, former CTO
German Guismondi, for magnificent partnerships
All media and journalists who showed an interest in the concept and tried it.

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